Camping tilbud fra Lyngholt Familiecamping - Bornholm
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Camping tilbud fra Sannes Familiecamping - Bornholm
Camping directly to the Sea – close to Gudhjem
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Camping tilbud fra Møllers Dueodde Camping - Bornholm
Camping by the beautiful Dueodde-Beach
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Welcomes you to a superb Bornholm camping holiday in a class by itself.

Campsites give top priority to high standards of campsite service, facilities, buildings, hygiene and maintenance.

Each campsite is located near Bornholm's scenic surroundings and provides a wide variety of activities for all age groups.

We put you and your family first at Bornholm's best campsites, and our strict quality control is your guarantee of a holiday in a class by itself.

Lyngholt FamilieCamping - Allinge, Bornholm Sannes FamilieCamping - Gudhjem, Bornholm Mølles Dueodde Camping, Nexø, Bornholm Elite camp camping pladser på Bornholm

Bornholm - the Isle of Contrasts

You won't believe it till you see it!

With almost subtropical vegetation, long, silvery sandy beaches and sheer cliffs, this lovely isle is reminiscent of paradise by gathering the loveliest features of Europe in one place. In short, this Gem of the Baltic has it ALL.

Renowned smokehouses, intimate restaurants and cafés, family-friendly attractions, demonstration museums, glassblowing workshops, ceramic workshops and round churches are just some of the features responsible for the island's cosy atmosphere.

If you are looking for an active holiday, the island has many things on offer, such as varied golf courses, indoor swimming pools, excellent fishing grounds, perfect maritime conditions and cycling paths that wind their way through the fascinating countryside - not to mention the island's beautifully preserved towns, villages and hamlets. If you are interested in culture or prehistoric moments, pamper yourself by spending a little extra time here.

Hammershus ruiner på Bornholm

Sandstrand på Bornholm

Klipper og granit på Bornholm

Rejse veje til Bornholm

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